Friday, January 18, 2013

Peace in Love

Today as I thought about what to give my son for his 1st birthday, I thought about all the things that I can give him which naturally also made me think about the things that I can't and I came to a realisation, which really is a culmination of whole lot of realisations that I've been making lately, and that is I've been going about things the wrong way. My Rperspective tells me that whatever gift I give him, it won't be enough. The fact is that I've thought, for a while now too, that gifts are the way to go in  showing love and appreciation. I'm not going to go through the whole line of thought about how linear perspectives aren't the way to go, because that is not what this post is about. This post is what I can offer my child, which is peace in love. Instead of going into the negatives, I'll try my best to focus on the positives! That is initially the gist of my gift, intention, effort and action!

Love my dear child is true, it is not only something real, but in fact it is everything! And because it is something, one day it will also be nothing! This is the first thing that I will do my best to teach you, that we are entitled to nothing, and that we could have been nothing, but because of love, here we are! Do not ever compare yourself with anyone or anything, for you will get distracted! Focus on your relationships with your love ones, talk to them in both action and words! Do not ever focus on what you have or not have, or what you can do or cannot do, your very existence is communication enough! Like we don't worry about things that we might have forgotten, so to we should focus on remembering the things that we do! Be honest, and when I say that, I mean think and then talk. Do not ever say that you know something for certain, say instead that to the best of your ability, this is what you think, and then engage in conversation! Do not always feel like you have to say or do something! A lot of times, learning means doing a lot of passive things like listening, watching and thinking! Live in and treasure the present, always make your Iperspectives relationship centred. Never let time and place constraint you, go where there is love and build! It won't last, nothing does, I won't, neither will your mother, but love lasts, one day you too will be a father, biologically or not, related or not, know that everything and everyone is related! We will do our best to teach you empathy, not everyone is gifted in this, but don't worry we have strategies for that too! Always think solutions! We are all nothing and something at the same time, and nothing matters but love! After all, isn't love a solution for the lack of it? For in your search of love you will find peace! Understand that you are just part of an amazingly long history. The more you know about this, the more you will understand that we did nothing to deserve being apart of it, which is the whole point about love, we love for no reason at all, but love itself! Some would argue that we are lonely, do not be afraid to admit this! The sooner you admit and understand that this is true, the faster it is that you will find peace! Fall in love and find value in white lies between somethingness and nothingness! Be fearful but always be brave, there is strength in love while fear is just something we humans made up! All things are they are, violence and destruction is and has always been around us, but it is in love where you will find cause to survive and protect those you love! Keep struggling and fighting, but don't ever forget to be thankful that you had opportunity to do so at all. Don't forget to smile and laugh, for this I found are a couple of the most amazing things we can do together! Share moments, never the mind whether they are sometimes distressing or uplifting, but value the sharing! Do your best, and always believe that you did and that you will even do better! There is no other way to look about it!

Remember when I said do not compare yourself with anyone or anything, instead you should appreciate everything and everyone, do not try to measure the negative, instead see this as an opportunity to go forward, find the problem, remember, people are never problems, behaviours, choices, designs, systems, structures, but never problem! Also, try not to use the word "problem" but rather paraphrase so that it is a challenge! Always start on a positive note! Treat negative things or even memories as places, you can always go somewhere else and start again if need be!

Always, and I do mean always, see everyone in their positive traits. Respect everyone but also be responsible, bad choices are everyone's business, but like I said, talk about the opportunity and not the problem!

Your mom and I, and many more people who love you will do our best to make sure that you grow up in a reality where love is the focus! We will do our best not to let you fall into the inhuman and unloving system of linear and hierarchical economics of quantity and quality. They are all very interesting, but it has nothing to do with love! I promise to teach you and nurture your learning, always keeping in mind that it is an adventure in discovering who you are, but like I said, that has nothing to do with love! It is beautiful! But nothing to do with love! We love you! And that should never change! Another thing that I'm sure you will find interesting is, all this will not be easy! At least we think so, because we have this notion that a lot of things fall into spectrum! And that we are not perfect! As though there is such a thing as perfection! No, I'll let you have none of that, just as shoe sizes have nothing to do with degree of difficulty nor does expression with perfection! There are many games we humans have invented, I'll let you try all of them in time! But never lose sight of what truly matters, love my dear Adrian! Understand that it is in between love and lost, beginning and end, confusion and enlightenment, creation and destruction, challenge and solution, that is where the true value of life is! But like I said, I do not know this for sure, but to the best of my ability, the purest of my intentions, I tell you my love! There is peace in love!

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