Monday, December 31, 2012

A New World this New Year

As I watch the fireworks light up the TV screen, I can't help but wonder what it truly means? The turn of a number most of us hold as a new leaf, a symbol of hope, the chance for more opportunities of change. It's powerful, only if the message isn't lost in the noise of the fireworks, or the taste of the fancy food or the colours of our beautiful clothes. Who matters? We matter!! And I know it is a small one, but campaign to put our honourable intentions back into the spotlight! We have GDP, jobless rates, Academic passing rates, crime rates, and every other form of statistical measure that lately seem to be more bleak than anything! Celebrate this new year with me, and share with me oh those so very meaningful numbers!

From Antarctica to Australia, those clamouring for justice for all sorts victims around the world, jobless, starving, those who are lost in fame and wealth, starvation and persecution, gang or state violence, let's celebrate the New Year by making a noise louder than any firework would make, a message so bright that it would bring daylight to the whole world at once, let me hear your voice, four simple numbers to show that you are fighting and that you do care, and that we are growing!

Join me in this mission to the formation of a new perspective to what we truly value. The world will still be the world when we are done reflecting, but perhaps with new eyes and a new voice, we can start making a new world this coming new year!!

Let's show the world our margins!!

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