Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pmargins made Our World go round

Everything in life that man can experience can be broken down into contrasts. The innate ability to make connections between past and present, to make future predictions all stem from something that a lot of us take for granted, consciousness. Consciousness allows us to reflect on intention and premeditate action, it allows one to state fact or opinion, experience essence or the absence of it.

Though countless artefacts have been uncovered giving us minute glimpses into the minds of our past ancestors, one can never know for sure really, what had happened had happened and as is always with experience, can never truly be be fathomed completely. On the bright side though, what we lack in documentation we can make up through imagination, as it truly matters, at the end of the day, everything is a personal experience.

I can imagine the earliest of us, just as I can imagine what a cat is thinking, or a dog, or beings of species that we consider "like us", memory, surely they had consciousness, five senses driven by the most basic need of anything, survival. We are social species, even before we knew of the concept. Through nature and nurture, the cycle of culture was passed on through social and some would argue biological means. But just as we do even today, the ability to be conscious of consciousness was not always with us. Any of us upon reflection notice that our memory of our past stops a long way from birth. Babies cry, smile, crawl, stand, walk and talk, and then a couple of years later begin to report consciousness. As our language skills develop, we learn to form perspective. I've come to the understanding that the experience itself have always been and will always be separate from the perspective that we form from the experience. Just as there is that operation that is in between the stimulus and the response, there is also that something between the experience and the perspective. The "I am" experience changes the moment that we are able to contrast it with the "I were," which I can just assume come from our need to predict the "will be" so that the "I" can continue to survive.

Now, this I believe is the perfect time to introduce my concept of Perspective Margins. Pmargins is the difference between perspectives made by a person at different moment in times. A Pmargin is only valid if the person making the margin had both premeditation and functional understanding of the design by which the margins will be measured in relation to.

Non-formal Pmargins

Perhaps the greatest and most important ability that mankind possesses, the ability that separates us from every other known specie, the ability to make Pmargins. Before we started using precious stones to symbolise value, without knowing it, mankind made Pmargins. Whether or not it is pre-Ramapithecus period or post, a fact I will claim it to be, had to be that through all the conscious experiences, through some primitive mental language, our distant ancestors were able to take two perspectives, and calculate a positive value to their Pmargin. No calculation doesn't only mean numbers, but rather that disntict contrast between a positive and a negative value. Whether it was the Oldowan or another tool that didn't have or leave any physical remnants, at some point in time, there had to have been a first time when a conscious being postulated with the aid of his or her understanding of a design and took action that led to the consequent perspective, and then compared and contrasted, then came up with a conditional positive value for that particular Pmargin. And for the first time, mankind experienced the consequence of a successful Pmargin, empowerment. That thought, that idea, that feeling of knowing that one had power to change one's perspective with intent.

Formalised Pmargins

I stumbled into Pmargins as an idea because of the prevalent perspective that value per capita around the world is on the decrease, that upon reflection gave me a feeling of sadness, which was an integral part of the perspective that I chose to be my IP, my initial perspective. Another jargon? Yes, but while other jargons make one feel disenfranchised, my aim is that IP leads to empowerment. An initial Perspective is choice made with intention, as I keep on repeating, empowerment is the idea that one can make a difference, and the best way to start of this process is of course having the power to choose a beginning. A perspective is reported speech, the subjectivity of both the experience and the perspective form by it reflects the truth of our individuality.

Goal Finding and Goal Setting

It is true if you reflect about it, that goals are found by comparing past and present experience with one's drive.  Amazed, a feeling I feel when I think about the idea that goal finding and goal setting are active processes. 

The subjective value of truth

What is truth? A question that doesn't have a definitive answer. The value of that last idea is that the true value of the search for truth lies in the intention of the person posing the question. The personal value of a truthful Pmargin is the consequence or the effect of the process. The positive value of a Pmargin can never be falsified so long as the intentions are true. Even if it was, both memory and time has a great habit of washing away the past and shifting the focus to the present and whatever is near it both in time and space. 

Social Pmargins

The odd thing about Pmargins is that sharing them with other people is either useful or useless, and nothing else. You can't really gloat when all you are saying is "I am trying my best!"There can be no harm in sharing information about Pmargins, because in whatever way it is presented, the message stays the same, EMPOWERMENT! Every illegal or immoral act that I know of, even those that are debatable and fall in the grey area can never be misconstrued as having a positive Pmargin. Why and how? Because from the onset of choosing to undergo the personal process of Pmargins, one has subscribed to the unspoken "truth" that the intention is to do better through better decision making and understanding of system designs. This process has the effect of bringing out the "real" scope and goals, and the added necessary long term consideration for sequencing short term objectives to fulfil a long term one. All of which works towards organisation and empowerment.  

Pmargins and the Scientific Method

Where as in using the Scientific Method one has to postulate a question, form a hypothesis, make a prediction and then test and analyse, Pmargins requires one to reflect on personal perspectives, the process of perspective creation, the relationship of system designs, and how and what decisions can lead to positive Pmargins. It challenges us to debate value and priority. It gives value to everyday choices that people with good intentions make. It creates discourse for and awareness of implicit and explicit meaningful experiences and relationships. It gives credence to intention over possession, open-mindedness with a premium to individuality. It is a call for not only thinking out of the box, but rather how that box changes with different perspectives and how people may see it and ultimately looking for value in the process.

What Pmargin does

Pmargin shifts the focus to the measurement of goal achievement and meaningful experiences. In itself, it is not a perfect value system, but rather one that I made to co-exist with other forms of value systems. The idea of perfection exists out of the Pmargin paradigm, for anything compared to perfection would undoubtedly always have a negative value.  From what you may ask, and the answer would be from EVERYTHING! Pmargins may or may not exist, and just like everything else in life, the value of it depends on whether or not it is useful to you.

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